Welcome to sowidu

Due to our love for furniture and living trends, we decided to create our own blog about interior and design. Because who else should do it, if not us? As manufacturer of flat packed furniture, we work with beautiful materials, creative color tones, unique inspirations, exciting designs and individually designed rooms on a daily basis. This is why it was only a matter of time for us to start sharing our experience and knowledge with you.

On our blog sowidu we want to introduce you to our idea of living. This includes our own furniture, much love for detail, novelties and a lot of great things that make your home even more beautiful. It should be authentic and real – just like you - or as we say in Germany "so wie Du". Additionally, it should also transmit a colorful mixture of bright colors, striking accents and the joy of furnishing as well as designing. Always with a subtle wink, of course.

We are looking forward to the exchange with you.

Have fun reading, browsing and being inspired in the future!


Your GERMANIA team


You like having a clear view and have a preference for everything that shines? In this case, furniture with elements made of glass is the right thing for you! Glass is a real all-rounder, as it cannot only [...]

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