German clichés or values?

What one experiences as clichés, the other experiences as clear values – our customers experience it as tangible benefits.

Because, to be honest, we are really persistent when it comes to developing pioneering products. Who wants things half-way?

Obsessed with details when it comes to manufacturing our furniture that is not only nice to look at but also easy to mount and use.

Accurate when it comes to completeness. Anybody who buys our flat-packed furniture can be sure that all components are on board.

Punctual as nobody wants to wait to put inspiring furnishing ideas into practice.

So, in the best sense, these are “valu-able” clichés that leave MADE IN GERMANY to be a globally recognized quality label as well as a performance promise. With our company name, GERMANIA, and our company maxims we are committed to these attributes. Innovative spirit as well as highest precision in the development and manufacturing process are our standard. Our product range is characterized by its high quality and flexibility. Attentive care as well as personal full service are our team’s passion.

The people with their individual needs are always in the center of our ideas, values and objectives.

From tradition and our passion for flat-packed furniture results our new and contemporary claim: Made in Germany. Made by Germania.