You like having a clear view and have a preference for everything that shines? In this case, furniture with elements made of glass is the right thing for you!


Glass is a real all-rounder, as it cannot only take on various colors and shapes, but also has a number of functions. Its transparency and the consequent light transmission, for instance, make even darker rooms appear brighter and friendlier, because it reflects the existing light. Especially in areas with large windows, which provide a lot of sunlight, glass makes a great impression, because the high availability of light enables the material to unfold its full potential. Thanks to its mirroring effect, it also reflects part of the living space, making it appear larger. Due to this ability, it is perfectly suited for furnishing smaller rooms that can quickly become confining otherwise. However, the smooth surface not only has its visual advantages, but it is also advantageous from a practical point of view. It does not have any notches or other indentations and can be easily cleaned. This makes glass particularly hygienic, because dirt and bacteria do not have any chance to settle under these conditions.


The timeless material has already furnished numerous interiors in the past and is still very popular today. Whether in the hallway, the bathroom, the living room or in the office - the attractive material is flexible and thus suitable for a wide range of applications. In this way, glass can be combined with diverse materials (e.g. wood, metal, concrete, ceramics or marble) and with a variety of colors (e.g. light colors such as white, dark colors like black, or even flashy colors). Whichever combination you choose - an accentuation with glass will, without a doubt, give your home a stylish and at the same time noble look. 

The interplay of plain white, black elements and flashy colors helps the highboard 3713 from our program IDEEUS become a real eye-catcher. 

Light glass fronts catch the sunlight and accentuations of Navarra-oak repro provide additional comfort. This combination lets our bathroom program GW-PESCARA appear especially welcoming. 

Thanks to its bright glass front and its white body, our sideboard 3767 from the program GW-SCALEA seems very subtle and is therefore perfecty suited for those who prefer it simple and discreet. 

As the chest of drawers 2526 of our program GW-MESA demonstrates, even dark colors can be matched. Graphite and Ruby red form a harmonic contrast, which is best shown in front of a plain wall. 

The sideboard 3697 of our program GW-OAKLAND is the "little black dress" of the furniture world: Elegant, exciting and easy to combine. It is suitable for any living space, as long as it provides enough sunlight, which can be reflected by the glass front.

The shoe cabinet 3935 of our program GW-TELDE reflects nature in your home. Due to the combination of natural shades such as Navarra-oak repro and Stone grey, you can get pure outdoor feeling within your own four walls. 

To create a rounded overall picture and set detailed accents, the style of furnishing can be continued with decoration made of glass. For this you can use, for example, various containers such as vases or bowls, candle holders, trays, frames, figurines, or lampshades. Of course, there is a variety of other possibilities to give your living space a personal touch - There are no limits to your creativity!

Picture frames set stylish accents for our office program GW-MONTERIA.

This vase offers a nice place for flowers and lets our program GW-LARINO program appear even livelier. 

Thanks to the glass lampshade, the program GW-MESA appears in a completely new light. 

Are you fascinated by transparency as well? Then send us your inventive uses of glass to and we will gladly show them here on our blog. We are looking forward to your submissions!

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