The bolder, the better!

Many people are still familiar with the term “Color Blocking” from the fashion scene, because in 2010 and 2011 almost nobody could get past the brightly colored outfits. And exactly this trend celebrates its comeback this year! But have you ever thought about not only pimping your wardrobe with bonbon colors, but also about decorating your home with contrasting and bright colors?

Basically anything is allowed
Color Blocking requires a great amount of courage to use color. It is your own choice how you would like to combine colors and which colors you would like to use. The scope seems to be boundless here. Whether red, blue, yellow, green or pink – it is up to you.  For example, you can combine a variety of color shades to create a striking contrast or you can choose similar color fields to create a more subtle variant of Color Blocking.
If you now think that you always have to use colors extensively in order to achieve the desired effect, we can assure you: You can also set big accents with small details (e.g. with a cushion or a vase).

Colors and their meanings

Since Color Blocking is, as its name already suggests, determined by colors, it is obviously important to know which specific meaning and effect different colors transmit. In the following, we have compiled a few examples for you:

Red symbolizes strength, dynamics and passion.

Yellow symbolizes optimism, serenity and cheerfulness.

Orange symbolizes warm-heartedness, satisfaction and joy.

Blue symbolizes trust, security and harmony.

Green symbolizes health, freshness and hope.

In combination, the individual colors set bright accents.

Matching furniture to the trend
Which piece of furniture matches the trend: Should it be a pink shelf with a yellow vase or rather a blue bed frame in front of a bright wall? A shoe cabinet with colorful fronts (small tip: additional mirror and high gloss fronts can enhance the effect of the strong colors) for the hallway or a striking sideboard in the living room? We leave the answers to these questions entirely up to you, because with our COLORADO program you can design each piece of furniture to your own taste. From different bodies and many selectable front colors, you can create as many possible combinations as you want – according to the motto: “Your style, your choice.”

Modest alternatives

There are many different ways to play with all possible color combinations. In this way, it is not mandatory to use only bright and striking colors for Color Blocking, but you can also create great effects with delicate pastel or nude tones. The rule is: Always see the individual piece of furniture in the entire room. Can color contrasts be found between the color of the wall and the piece of furniture or is there a decorative object in contrast to the furniture? Whether bright and strong or rather simple and reserved - have the courage to use color in your home.

Combine colors - just like you

Are you in color fever as well? Then send us your Color Blocking highlights to and we will gladly show them here on our blog. Because nothing is more authentic and likeable as an unaffected apartment insight. We are looking forward to your submissions!