Not much room, but up to much?

Small floors, narrow hallways or even tiny bathrooms: a horror for all furniture lovers! “How is it possible to design my apartment as inviting as possible?” It is exactly this space problem, which is surely familiar to many people, and that we would like to tackle in this article, so that you can get the best out of your own apartment.


Just the imagination of coming home after a long and stressful day at work, knowing that you will be cornered by furniture, decoration and color in your own hallway… A never-ending nightmare, isn’t it? We don’t think so! If you should have an interior hallway without windows, use light colors. This applies to the color of the wall, furniture, as well as flooring. Light colors make the corridor not only appear friendlier, but also more inviting. Apart from the color scheme in the hallway, you also want to be able to store your shoes, to hang up a jacket or to take a look in the mirror.

Space-saving wardrobes

Here you can rely on space-saving wardrobes. You can combine a simple shoe cabinet with a matching mirror and additionally hang a coat rack panel for jackets next to it. A sample illustration shows our GW-Adana program.

Adana 600x600

3255 600x600

With a depth of only 36 cm, the shoe cabinet (3524-84) fits perfectly into a narrow hallway and still offers enough space for up to 24 pairs of shoes. The mirror (3525-84) fits ideally to the shoe cabinet and ensures a glamorous appearance. There are two space-saving alternatives as coat rack panel. One of them is the panel (3526-84) with a hat shelf, clothes rail and three hooks, or the smaller version (3255) with three fold-out hooks for jackets and bags, which is available in 7 different high-gloss decors and other color variants (e.g. 3851, 3348, 3765 and 3185).

Compact wardrobes

Or would you rather have all these functions in one individual piece of furniture. This is also possible with so-called compact wardrobes. They usually combine shoe cabinet or shoe bench, mirror and coat rack panel in one piece.

Our wardrobes 3593 and 8540 are perfect examples for this. Due to their low depth, the wardrobes do not claim much space and the hidden shoes always keep your hallway organized. Depending on the type of wardrobe, they may also offer an additional storage surface.

Modest alternatives

Those who want it simpler and more modest can also build a combination of shoe bench and mirror. Some shoe benches even offer the possibility to store a few pair of shoes. In this case, the mirror should be slightly larger, preferably elongated to round off the overall picture.

An example for this is our wardrobe 1205 , whose mirror also offers three hooks.

Harmonious overall appearance in modern graphite decor.

High-quality ABS edges and melamine resin coating to protect the piece of furniture.

Big mirror with three additional hooks.

Rotary cabinets

Rotary cabinets are also a good and modest alternative to typical wardrobes. However, they do not offer additional storage space than its diverse number of compartments (which are often adjustable). The advantage of rotary cabinets is that any utensil od pair of shoes can be “hidden” and therefore not directly accessible for everyone. Because of this you can integrate rotary cabinets into any room, in which there is still some storage space missing. (See our rotary cabinets 1189 and 2998.)

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