The Scandinavian way of living

What comes to mind when thinking about Scandinavia? Nature, lakes, mountains, midsummer festivals, blondes, fjords, forests, Norwegian sweaters, reindeers, silence and tranquility are presumably only a few of our associations with Scandinavian countries. Lately, however, terms like comfort, individuality, minimalism and design, as well as concepts such as “Hygge” (comparable to the word “coziness”) or “Lagom” (as in “the right amount”) are becoming more prominent. This is due to the Scandinavian interior style, which is currently more than ever one of the most popular living trends.

Shapes and colors
When looking behind the doors of the red Swedish houses, it becomes obvious that in Scandinavian interior design form always follows function. This makes the Nordic way of living especially feasible (for everyone), since it concentrates on the essentials and thus reveals the beauty of the simple things. This understanding of living is then realized by means of organic forms (e.g. curves and coves), light wood (e.g. beech, oak, spruce or pine), friendly colors (e.g. berry and pastel shades) and a looooot of white (which reflects the light and creates more brightness in the room). In this way, it is not surprising that the Scandinavian way of living radiates a lot of warmth and coziness (keyword “Hygge”). And this is exactly what we long for when it becomes more complex, hectic and uncomfortable outside: a refuge, which provides us with comfort and security and allows self-realization.


Whereas shape and colors form the basic elements, consciously chosen home accessories are the icing on the cake of “Scandinavian living”. The Scandinavian interior style can also be combined with other living trends. According to this, our Nordic office system GW-Paseo matches brilliantly with elements from the ethnic style (like the black and white patterned rug) or in combination with the “urban jungle” trend. When it comes to “urban jungle” (the generous decoration with indoor plants), plants like cacti, ferns and succulents ensure liveliness in the room. Selected extras such as brass planters, macramé hanging baskets or golden miniature greenhouses place the plants in a suitable setting. By the way, if you do not have a green thumb and would therefore prefer to do without living greenery, you can also fall back on chic plants made of ceramic. You do not need to water them. Convenient, isn’t it?

Not only components from other living styles complete our office, but also many of the Scandinavian’s favorite accessories ensure a comfortable living and working atmosphere. The green desk chair is probably the first thing that catches your eye, which on the one hand harmonizes wonderfully with our little plant jungle in terms of color and on the other hand reminds of Charles and Ray Eames’ Plastic Side Chair DSW by Vitra. Thanks to its organically formed plastic shell, it perfectly matches the Scandinavian style of our workroom. Instead of a cushion you could also use a cozy fur or a cotton cushion to create an even more comfortable seat. Natural material such as wood, linen, leather, cotton or fur play an essential role in Scandinavian living, since it is first and foremost the translation of nature into your own four walls. This also works very well with individual motifs from nature, animals and trees, which you can, for example, either hang on your walls as striking prints or rather school wall cards or place as cushion covers on your couch.

Aside from the “traditional” accessories, the Scandinavians also rely on quite idiosyncratic and unconventional decorative objects, which are not directly visible to the eye at first, but only reveal themselves on second sight – and then ensure that certain something. Due to this, little wooden figures (e.g. Kay Bojesen’s monkey, Hans Bølling’s dog “Oscar” or Vitra’s Eames House Bird), which have made themselves comfortable between books and files, or which hang from shelves can often be found here. However, unusual vases, lamps or candleholders set accents with a wink as well.

The Nordic happiness of living
And this is exactly what makes the Nordic happiness of living so charming: The joy of living. The Scandinavian expresses his attitude to life with thoughtful shapes, colors and materials, as well as bizarre decorative objects and simple furniture, which radiate a certain lightness and love of nature and also celebrate comfort (without appearing cheesy). Summarized in two words, “living” in Scandinavian always means: simple living. There is probably no other style of living, which is so loveable that convenient does not imply boring.  On the contrary: if correctly staged, the practicability is above all timeless and flexible, because in its appearance it is often restrained and does not impose itself, so that you can always uninhibitedly combine it with new living elements – without immediately throwing your entire interior overboard, because simplicity remains the basis. And this provides a good portion of serenity in furnishing!

The Scandinavian way of living - just like you

After all this colorful theory, it is now your turn: Send us your Scandinavian furnished living space to and we will gladly show it here on our blog. Because nothing is more authentic and likeable as an unaffected apartment insight. We are looking forward to your submissions!


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