Germania - Made in Germany

What does beautiful mean?

Let's make it beautiful for ourselves and for others.

Our furniture are not only beautiful because of their simple construction. Thanks to their timeless, pure design and the many special features, such as soft-close fittings or glass surfaces, they embellish every home and enrich the lifestyle of our customers.

Even though our furniture is of course always the focus of all our actions, for us the value BEAUTIFUL also means that we want to make things beautiful for ourselves at GERMANIA. The offices are gradually being equipped with height-adjustable desks and the lounge rooms in production and logistics are also to be beautified.       

Pretty regional. Regional suppliers and service providers are preferred for the same price-performance ratio, and contracts are awarded regionally as a matter of priority. Emissions from transport routes are included in the calculations.

Since beauty is in the eye of the beholder, we have something for every individual taste. We think it's great that you can buy high-quality furniture from us at such a reasonable price. Our furniture are not only beautiful because of their simplicity or their sustainability. With its timeless, pure design, it embellishes every home and enriches the living experience of our customers.