Germania - Made in Germany

„Do you wish to roam farther and farther? See the good that lies so near. Just learn how to capture your luck, for your luck is always there.“ (Goethe, Erinnerung)

...when the good is so close.

Simply Made in Germany
For us, simplicity means not only that our furniture are easy to assemble, but also that contacting our customer service in Germany is SIMPLE.

Simply call, email or use our contact form.   

Sustainable Made in Germany

Sustainable thinking shapes our actions. That is why we pay attention to sustainability in the use of our resources. But social sustainability also plays a major role. We produce in Germany at fair wages and attach great importance to a family-like atmosphere in the company.     

Beautifuly Made in Germany

Our furniture are produced and also developed in Germany. The design, like the furniture itself, comes from Schlangen (North Rhine-Westphalia). Here, our development department works daily to design BEAUTIFUL furniture.      

Furniture Made in Germany

Made in Germany. Made by Germania.

This is a performance promise to which we are committed with a spirit of innovation and precision in the development and manufacture of our furniture. For us, quality and flexibility go hand in hand with personal care and an all-round service that satisfies every customer.

Products Made in Germany

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