Germania - Made in Germany

Germania Die Möbelmacher

Made in Germany. Made by Germania.

In order to conserve our planet's resources and preserve it for future generations, it is the responsibility of all of us to deal responsibly with each other, but also with raw materials, energy and our environment. At GERMANIA, we are aware of this responsibility and will place the topic of sustainability even more in the focus of our corporate strategy in the future.

We do not just want to talk - we are already acting! Because we are convinced that only those companies that seriously address the issue of sustainability will survive on the market in the long term.       

Simple. Sustainable. Beautiful


Simply together - work, talk, build. For us, simplicity doesn't just mean that our furniture are easy to assemble. It is a motto that we live with our customers and employees. This is achieved with short internal communication channels, good electronic connections to our retail customers and efficient processes and structures. And if you ever have a question: just get in touch with us.


Sustainable thinking shapes our actions. That is why we pay attention to sustainability in the use of our resources. We avoid emissions wherever possible, limit the consumption of energy and water, and optimise products and processes. In addition, integration, fair salaries or the compatibility of family and career are just some of the factors that constitute social sustainability for us. Germania is sustainable for the environment, sustainable for the company and for the people. And of course we produce sustainable furniture.


Our furniture are beautiful not only because of their simplicity or their sustainability. With their timeless, simple design, they embellish every home and enrich the living experience of our customers. Since beauty is in the eye of the beholder, we have something for every individual taste. We think it's great that you can buy high-quality furniture from us at such a reasonable price.