Quality characteristics

How is GERMANIA furniture something special, something "valuable", as our philosophy describes it? On this page we explain to you what we demand from our products and what added value our furniture offers you.

The following icons on the left show the quality characteristics that give our products a special added value. You will find the appropriate icons in all our documents. These are explained in detail here and illustrated by means of a product photo. If you have any further questions about our products, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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Thermoformed MDF

The special feature “Thermoformed MDF” is a variant of decor foil application. An MDF panel (medium density fibreboard) is rounded off at the edges by milling. The decorative foil is then placed in a vacuum on the MDF panel, which has previously been sprayed with adhesive. The negative pressure causes the film to nestle against the panel and melt with it. Excess film is cut off at the back of the panel after the process. This process prevents so-called joint formation, as is the case with conventional chipboard. Special features are the rounded edges or the notches in the panel, as shown in the picture on the right.

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High-quality ABS edges

Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene is a plastic which is characterised by its high surface hardness and good impact strength. ABS edges are also known as edge protectors or edgings. As shown in the picture on the right, they are used for cladding and protecting narrow surfaces on panel materials.

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Melamin resin coating

Melamin is a plastic based on nitrogen compounds. The colorless substance belongs to the group of aminoplasts. One of the great advantages of melamine resins is their resistance to moisture. The melamine resin coating creates a durable and scratch-resistant surface.

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Self-closing feature

The special feature of the self-closing mechanism is a spring system which is mounted on the rail construction of the drawer and is tensioned when the drawer is opened. When the drawer is closed, it is released from the lock and pulls the drawer back. To refine this process, a damper device is located on the spring which prevents the drawer from snapping back too quickly and enables the drawers to be closed quietly and gently.

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Adjustable shelves

An individual placement and locking of the shelves is possible through a pre-drilled grid of holes inside the furniture.

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Touchwood surface

The decor foil used is characterised by wood grain and structures. It conveys both optically and haptically the feeling of solid wood.

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Solid wood details

Details such as handles and feet of the furniture pieces are made of solid wood.

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Can be mounted in reserve

It is possible to place doors and drawers variably in the different places of the furniture, as desired and at will.

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Glass support

Toughened safety glass is glued to the supporting surface of the furniture. The same procedure also applies to the glass fronts and sides.

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Since the Scandinavian life style has advanced to become one of the trends in the furnishing industry, it is hard to imagine the interior scene without extramatt design elements.

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High-quality miter body

The miter body is a corner connection of two parts that abut at an angle to each other. These parts are cut at an angle of 45 degrees. If both parts are joined together, this results in a 90-degree angle.


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Made in Germany

Germania is a German manufacturer of high-quality flat packed furniture based in Schlangen/NRW. On an area of around 50,000 square meters, around 200 employees have been developing and producing innovative products made in Germany for over 60 years.

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Toughened safety glass (ESG)

This glass is characterized above all by its manufacturing process. The glass is heated to temperatures above its transformation temperature (transition from melt to solid state) and then cooled abruptly. This process creates an internal tension in the glass, which not only makes it extremely robust, but also extremely safe in daily use. If the glass should break, it splinters into many small, blurred individual parts, which significantly minimizes the possible risk of injury.

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It is possible to equip the corresponding furniture with drawers, doors or flaps in various colors as desired. You can give the furniture your own personal touch.

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Other designs available

The furniture, flaps, doors and drawers are also available in other decors (colors).


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Door damper

The door damper we install is located in the hinges and enables a gentle and controlled closing of the respective door. In the cylinder of the damper, a piston compresses the liquid contained in the damper when it closes, thereby braking the door. When the door is opened, the fluid pushes the piston out again.

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Push to open

Our Push-to-open door-opening system consists of a combination of a spring and magnetic snap-action mechanism for pressing on and holding the doors and so-called cup hinges with special compression springs for opening the doors.

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Door right/left hinge

It is possible to mount one and the same door on the right or left and thereby change the stop of the door.

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MDF is the abbreviation for medium density fibreboard. It is similar in principle to chipboard. The difference between chipboards and MDF panels lies in the fact that MDF panels do not contain wood chips, but finely frayed wood is glued and pressed together to form a single panel. As a result, these panels have a particularly high breaking and bending strength. Closed and homogeneous surfaces as well as dense and fine narrow surfaces are among the characteristics of MDF panels, making them ideal for varnishing, coating, veneering, foiling and wrapping. During the wrapping process, the MDF panel is wrapped in the decor.

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