Germania - Made in Germany

Simplicity is not easy

But if it were easy, anyone could do it - and we are not anyone!

"Simple" is the first value in our triad "Simple. Sustainable. Beautiful." In addition to sustainability and the design focus, it stands above all for a targeted effort to simplify the processes in our company.

Through simple process flows and efficient structures, we ensure frustration-free cooperation with our customers. On top of that, our furniture are easy to assemble.

Flat hierarchies and short communication channels make it easy for all employees in the company to work together - at least that's the goal. Is that easy? Certainly not! But if it were easy, anyone could do it - and we are not just anyone!

Simply together - work, talk, build. For us, simplicity doesn't just mean that our furniture are easy to assemble. It is a motto that we live with our customers and employees. This is achieved with short internal communication channels, good electronic connections to our retail customers and efficient processes and structures. And if you ever have a question: just get in touch with us. GERMANIA has decided to reposition itself for the future and to incorporate new values into its existing strategy. Roughly summarised, this strategy consists of the commitment to disassembled furniture "Made in Germany". As a family business, we are passionate about design, innovation, quality and future-oriented action, with a clear focus on growth in the coming years. Now this strategy is being expanded to include the values "Simple. Sustainable. Beautiful."